The Stark Ravings web page documents the history and restoration of museum World War I and II classic aircraft, the Texan XAT-6E (AT-6), Fokker DR-1, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, and the Douglas DC-3, as well as the Convair 240, home built BD-5 and the Airship Shenandoah. Included on the web page are the fairy tales of the adventures of the local animals in a typical rural neighborhood, the clever raccoon, the house cat Hughie, the talkative blue jay, the calculating squirrel and many more.


Classic Aircraft
Backyard Adventures
XAT-6E Restoration
Fokker DR-1
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Convair 240
The Airship Shenandoah
Link Trainer
The BD-5 Restoration
Douglas DC-3
Teledyne Ryan AQM-34K
North American F-86
Aviation History
1903 Wright Flyer
Curtiss Jenny


The Pussy Cat and the Raccoon
The Blue Jay and the Squirrel
The Peacock and The Queen's Garden
Hughie Goes Gardening
The Wicked Witch of the North
The Queen's Castle
The Great Peanut Robbery
The Prince Goes Sailing
The Pussy Cat Food Robbery
Dinner with a Friend
The Raccon Revolt
Backyard Visitors
Backyard Gopher
The Local Waterhole
Hughie's Memorial
Odds & Sods
Links and Things of Interest
This section of the web page provides links to interesting topics.  Of special interest is "The Way it Is" section where past and current issues are discussed.
The Way It Is
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Aviation Heritage
Kids Love Aviation Science
Lane Victory
Hiking the Forrestal Reserve
Hiking the Coolheights Trail Loop
Hiking the Forrestal Trail Loop
Hiking the Portuguese Bend Loop