The Raccoon Revolt

With the world in turmoil it is no wonder that the calm and quiet principality of Stark would be affected.  One night during the quiet of the night a band of terrorist raccoons struck the waterworks (Birdbath) upsetting the basin.  That morning the residents of the kingdom awoke to no drinking and bathing water.  The local blue jay immediately informed the King who instructed the engineers to repair the waterworks.  Throughout the week reports of the terrorist raccoon actions were reported to the King.

The queen who is a progressive liberal admonished the King as it was his fault because of his past actions against the raccoon community.  You see several years ago in a dispute between Hughie the cat and the raccoons, the King incarcerated several leaders of the raccoon community and had them exiled from the kingdom.  The Queen’s solution to the problem was for the King to go around to the raccoon community and admit that he was wrong and to ask forgiveness for past aggressions.

It did not take long for the raccoons to respond, interpreting this as a show of weakness, by again destroying the local waterworks and breaking into the King’s food storage, (trash barrels), scattering the contents.
The King responded immediately by repairing the waterworks and securing the food storage containers.  All went well for several days until the Queen decided that the threat had passed and there was no longer a need to secure the storage containers.  As a result the raccoons once again seized the opportunity to rack havoc with the contents of the storage containers.

The inhabitants of the area were once again being threatened.  The lizard community that lived along the foot hill road to the upper reaches of the province reported to the King that they were told by the insurgents that they would have to leave or be eaten.

To show their arrogance the raccoons once again attacked the waterworks.  As dawn approached the raccoons faded into the night leaving a path of destruction. The waterworks was once again destroyed. The King was determined to end the conflict and sent his men to repair the waterworks.  This time special precautions would be taken.

For two days the waterworks were not disturbed.  The question now was, will peace now return to the kingdom?  It seems that the raccoons have called a truce.