Dinner with a Friend
Hughie returned home one night recently with a friend, Mr. Rat.  He entered through his private entrance and proceeded to the castle where the King and Queen were enjoying the evening.  Hughie prided himself on his good manners and wanted to introduce his friend to the King and Queen before going to dinner.

Now, the Queen was not happy with his choice of friends and immediately jumped up on the couch demanding that the King remove Mr. Rat from the castle.  Mr. Rat, who became startled by the Queen’s action, took refuge under the couch.  The King summoned the guards and together they chased Mr. Rat around the room while Hughie looked on in amusement.  After a while Hughie decided that he had enough excitement for the day and climbed up on his chair and went to sleep.

The chase went on for almost an hour until Mr. Rat made his escape into Hughie’s room. The Queen jumped down from the couch where she had been all this time, and shut the door to the castle.  The Queen then demanded that the King remove Mr. Rat from Hughie’s room or she would never go into his room again.

The King, sword in hand, chased Mr. Rat into a corner where he disappeared. Search as he could the King could not find Mr. Rat in the room.  What the King did not know was that there was a secret compartment in a large flower pot located in the corner of the room.  Every time the King chased Mr. Rat into the corner where the flower pot was located, he disappeared.

Not finding Mr. Rat, the King announced to the Queen that Mr. Rat had escaped and was no longer in Hughie's room.  The Queen, happy with the news, settled down to enjoy the remainder of the evening.  In fact, the King was not sure that Mr. Rat had escaped.  Just to be sure he set up a watch on the room.   About an hour later, when all was quiet, there was Mr. Rat trying to make his escape.

The alarm was sounded and the chase began a new.  The King, with sword in hand, went after Mr. Rat.  Once again Mr. Rat sought refuge in the secret compartment in the flower pot.  The King searched all over but could not find Mr. Rat.  Finally, the Queen, suspecting that Mr. Rat was hiding in the flower pot, had the pot removed to the castle grounds.

After that, all was quiet again and the evening passed with no further incidents. What, you ask, was Hughie doing all this time?  Sleeping on his favorite chair.  He could not be bothered with all this running around.  Besides, he had a hard day watching all the birds.

End of the story.