The Great Pussy Cat Food Robbery
Life in the Kingdom of Stark has been quiet for many years. All the inhabitants, Hughie the cat, Mr. Blue Jay and his family and all the other creatures were content and happy. The King and Queen lived peacefully in the castle on the hill tending to the needs of all.

Unknown to the inhabitants of kingdom, a radical terrorist faction of raccoons had crossed the border with the intent of taking over and imposing their will on the kingdom. Those who did not convert to their way were hounded out of the kingdom. Because of their secret ways, the King was not initially aware of this threat. Those who tried to warn the King was severally dealt with by the leaders of this band of rascals. They called themselves Al-Qaida-Raccoon or AQR for short.

Threats and intimidations were not working so the leader of the AQR decided that the group needed to make a public statement and confront the King. What better ways then to attack the one free benefit that bonded the Kingdom, food.

One dark night while the Kingdom slept, the leader broke into Hughie’s food storehouse and stole all the food. The next morning the Queen, who discovered the theft, ran to the King to tell him what has happened. The King immediately put the castle on alert. He had the castle staff repair and reinforce the door. That night he went to bed assured that all was secure.

Unfortunately, the staff put the door back on wrong and the AQR leader was able to re-enter the room the next night, thumbing his finger at the King and stealing all the food. Many of the inhabitants, including Hughie the cat, wondered if the King could stop this radical raccoon faction. The King had the door once again repaired assuring all that everything was under control.

Protest groups began to form both for, and against, the King. Moderate raccoon leaders called for calm, while activists claimed that the AQR were only demanding their rights of free food. The King set out to fix the door once more but the clever AQR leader was one step ahead of the King, and was still able to enter the storehouse by the use of a special key.

That night awhile the king slept, the raccoon entered the storehouse. Unfortunately, the king had set a trap, and when the raccoon entered the room he set off an alarm that was heard all over the castle. The King rushed to the storehouse in his night clothes to find the raccoon heading for the food. A major battle ensued with the King chasing the raccoon all over the room. At the same time the Queen came running to see what all the noise was about. Seeing the King chasing the raccoon, the Queen became alarmed that the King had left the door open in his haste to corner the raccoon, allowing the raccoon access to the castle. She immediately locked the door. For the next half hour the King and the raccoon battled, with the raccoon looking for an escape route. Finally cornered, the raccoon was scolded and told in no uncertain terms that he and his group had only two choices live within the law of the kingdom or be deported to an uncertain fate.

The raccoon leader agreed to live within the law and was released. The King changed the lock on Hughie’s door and for the next several days, just in case, the King and Hughie watched over the entrance to the food stores. After a week, the King announced that the emergency was over and the Kingdom returned to normal.

End of story.